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Slopes and Embankments

Through the successful completion of a variety of challenging projects, AppleTree Construction Solutions has developed a strong understanding of the behavior of slopes and embankments. AppleTree has been called upon to investigate, analyze, and solve instabilities in slopes and embankments that have involved quick sand, artesian conditions, man-made fills, and construction related weaknesses.

Ground Support

AppleTree Construction Solutions has a considerable database of successfully completed projects involving ground support in top-down construction applications. Such applications include temporary support of deep excavations for bridge construction, basement construction, and cut-and-cover construction, as well as temporary and permanent support of cuts in embankments and slopes for applications such as road widening and construction, dam spillway widening, crane pads, and site development, the tallest of which has reached 56-ft.

Tunnels and Tunneling

AppleTree Construction Solutions has demonstrated experience in all aspects of tunnel construction from cradle to grave, whether they be new tunnels or involve the rehabilitation of old railroad tunnels for clearance improvement or conversion to bike trails. Through project experience, AppleTree has developed unique expertise when it comes to mitigating ice accumulation in tunnels and rehabilitating ice damage tunnel linings.

Additional Services

AppleTree Consruction Solutions provides many additional services which include working in area such as Foundations, Probabilistic Cost and Schedule Estimating, Uncertainty Analysis and Decision Support, Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews, and Legal Assistance.

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